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Crab n' Crew

Crab n' Crew Restobar was established 2012. We are the first ever seafood restaurant to offer quality seafoods and CRAB ALL YOU CAN to filipino families. 


Many of us seafood lovers, most specially crab lovers tend to hold back ourselves on eating crabs when dining in a restaurant.


Crabs are tough to eat and are pricey. These are the two main reasons why most of us prefer to eat crabs at home or worst, not eat at all. With these simple reasons, we would like to change the notion of other people that it does not have to be classy nor pricey to be able to enjoy what we love to eat.


We would like to share our fulfillment of serving other people and seeing every customer that goes out of our restaurant with a happy heart, stomach and happy pockets.




Our seafood supplies come from different parts of the country. We receive goods from Pampanga, Bulacan, Bicol, Roxas City and other nearby provinces. We only receive fresh live crabs everyday. Other seafoods such as shrimps, clams, squid, mussels are delivered fresh on a daily basis


We learned that good relationship with a supplier is the key to a healthy and consistent trade. With that, we can provide a fair price and well prepared exceptional meal 

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