Let's get our hands dirty! 

77 visayas ave quezon city


Everything's Fresh Here at  Crab n' Crew

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Surf n' Turf

Grilled corn.grilled octopus.chicken BBQ.crabs. shrimps.baked oysters.baby back ribs.baked mussels.

good for 8-10 persons


Crab n' Crew

Our goal is to provide a unique dining experience to all crab lovers. With the use of bare hands and our signature crab utensils ( stone and wooden chopping board), customers will appreciate the fun in eating crabs outside their home. Apart from crabs and other seafoods, we also offer variety of food for non-seafood lovers. Crab n' Crew is a perfect place for friends and family togetherness. Our team puts real heart into customer service excellence as well as quality beyond expectation for our food with reasonable price.